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Workshop Feedback

How is EFT different from other therapies?


"It's a lot more physical, you just need to have the core issues and you don't have to talk and talk for weeks on end"

"It's a tool to deal with problems/difficulties rather than just feeling sorry for yourself"

"EFT goes straight to the point, core issue, and works with the complex emotional blocks gently and effectively"

"It  can be used easily on yourself and others after a very short training time"

"It works and stays working",  "Real simple and efficient", "Instant results"

"It is fast moving, it helps to focus on the issue and change negative to positive"

"It isn't telling you what to do, but it is giving something you can do yourself"

"It's not about using the mind to resolve issues, it's about releasing the energy blocks that keep the issues alive"

"It seems to be so magical in how it works"

"Bring away tools to practice with others"

"It helps  me focus and move quickly from holding emotions to letting go."

What was the most helpful thing on the course,  2019


"Releasing old emotions was so easy", "I need to listen to my body more and take action to help myself"

"I loved the demonstration of self-tapping", "I love the fact that I can work away with it myself, so empowering"

"My headache is gone at last",  "Seeing the demonstrations  and assistance provided when practising ourselves"

"Knowing there is a way through issues and that I can come out the other side"

"Actually seeing how it works, with a simple routine, and the follow up with Questions and Answers"

"That EFT can be used to heal/help with a variety of issues", "It can be used easily on yourself and others"


Comments by Teachers,  2019


"Tapping for my worries and my students worries.", "Very interesting, simple for children"

"Will be tapping for stress",  "Will be bringing it back to the classroom"

"Relaxed interactive session",  "Practical workshop"

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