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Testimonials: Results with EFT Tapping


EFT reducing anxiety and PTSD:

"I suffer  with COPD, anxiety and PTSD.I was at a very low period in my life after Xmas and was feeling depressed. I had seen the transformation EFT had on a friend,  I can't recommend Michelle Hughes and her ability to use EFT enough. She has helped me regain my confidence and I now lead a happier joyful life despite my health problems".

Geraldine Crimmins: Artist, mentor and advocate for the homeless: Jan: 2019.   Read More>>

EFT finally cleared years of emotional trauma from childhood abuse; EFT Changed my life.

"EFT is bringing changes to me physically, emotionally and it has cleared my view of how my life is supposed to be....I was a "key that needed a little turning"(Soul Asylum Song). EFT was the key I needed to tap in to my inner healing and resources to write a new script for the life I wanted"....

 Angie:  Dublin. Read More>>

Interviews/Exams/Presentations/Driving Test Nerves? ... All gone with EFT!


"Before my driving test I had zero confidence in my ability to pass. In general, I am a nervous driver and never had much confidence in my ability in the car. I also failed my pre-test, so this added to my anxiety.  As a result of tapping with Norah, I had little or no nerves and for the first time I had a belief that I would actually pass. The end result was that I passed my test with flying colours. I believe that the control over my nerves and the belief in my own ability which EFT gave me was the difference on the day". Mandy.

"Hey Michelle, lovely to bump into you the other day.I did the tapping as you suggested before exams and it really helped reduce the anxiousness".4th year college student: Galway.

"I've no back pain since, amazing, even a little scary!" Nurse, Marie:Co. Clare.


"John hasn't had a single shoulder pain since your tapping session with him, Norah , no mean feat!!" Sarah, UK.

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What was the most helpful thing on the course,  2019

"Releasing old emotions was so easy"

"I need to listen to my body more and take action to help myself"

"I loved the demonstration of self tapping"

"My headache is gone at last"

"Seeing the demonstrations

and assistance provided when practising ourselves"

"Knowing there is a way through issues and that I can come out the other side"

"I love the fact that I can work away with it myself, so self empowering"

"Actually seeing how it works, with a simple routine, and the follow up with Questions and Answers"

"That EFT can be used to heal/help with a variety of issues"

"It can be used easily on yourself and others"

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