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  • Norah Sweetman

“At the school-face” Anxiety for your child at school by Dr. Norah Sweetman, PhD in Education.

Worries around friends and playtime? You know you shouldn’t stress out about their friendships at 5 years old but you do!

Maybe you worry that your child is alone or unhappy in class or the school playground. You might be stressed about them making friends in these crucial early days of school. Maybe you were a ‘shy’ child or got bullied at school or it could just be that you know how tough the world of school can be.

You question your child daily; trying to disguise your worry with anxious queries around what they did at school or who they sat beside. Any mention of a child who was ‘mean’ in any way or a situation that your child found a bit difficult to manage during the school day causes you physical feelings of anxiety. From 5-25 years old common responses of young people to concerned queries from a parent about their day are ‘O.K., nothing, I don’t know’. This can leave you stressed out and anxious while visualising negative scenarios on a daily basis. The spiral of negative thoughts and imagined catastrophes can leave you exhausted and of little help to your anxious child!

One thing you can do to help your child deal with school issues is to reduce your own anxiety. Pro-EFT tapping is effective in reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety: uneasy stomach, tension in the limbs, sweating, headaches and fatigue.

Pro-EFT tapping shows you to how to tap on energy points in the body while you verbalise your worries in a simple sequence guided by the practitioner. As you feel calmer and stronger after tapping you can respond helpfully to your child.

See for how Tapping with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works and could help you and your child deal with anxiety and stress.

We are 100% confident that Tapping with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) will help you and your child with anxiety and stress around school and so we are delighted to offer you a Complementary 15 minute EFT Tapping session. Simply contact to avail of this free EFT session.

We would love to hear from you so please feel free to comment or ask us any questions you may have on Tapping with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


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