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Norah Sweetman M.A., PhD,  Dublin.

My many years of experience in the community led me to my PhD study of the effects of domestic violence on teenage social emotional development (SEL). I designed  an active 10 week programme, 'up2talk', for teenagers affected. 'up2talk' aimed to expand their SEL skills to approach this traumatic subject. The focus and contract concerned SEL and awareness of the effects of domestic violence on them. This was not therapy and did not include personal disclosure. A therapist was available throughout the programme, and follow-on support was part of the agreement with parents and teenagers.

The positive results illustrated the effectiveness of multi-media, active workshops for increasing teenage communication skills, understanding and resilience.These form part of the basic skills of trauma recovery. The young people in the group demonstrated their desire to learn by doing things together, by discussion and debate, by creating drama vignettes and by eating lots and enjoying  themselves! They stated clearly in individual  interviews that the programme had reduced feelings of shame and self-blame around the violence and increased their self-confidence. A piece I wrote about 'up2talk' was published on the TCD website:

I aim to deliver similar workshops to young people and the adults who work with them, to increase the level of trauma informed approaches to work with young people.

Private Clients

 I really enjoy working with children and young people affected by bullying and anxiety.Younger clients are  frequently very receptive to energy work and will say 'OK, that feels good, I'll do that again', in response to tapping or energy exercises.

EFT helps people of all ages to let go trauma completely, as one client says:

“Let it go lightly, once was enough. No need to relive it - I don't have to go back there."

 Every day brings new challenges and I continue to be amazed and delighted by the way EFT works for all kinds of people, with all kinds of problems.

Training and Qualifications:

        Montessori teacher - St Nicholas Institute London

        Adult Education Tutor- City and Guilds; D.I.T. Cathal Brugha St.

        M.A. Media Studies D.I.T. Aungier St.

        PhD: Trinity College Dublin

        Pro-EFT Master (N.A.E.H. Certified By California Board of Nursing)

        Progressive EFT - Practitioners Intensive

        Pro-EFT & Meridian Tapping Techniques Practitioner N.A.H.E.

        Eden Energy medicine: Year 1 Foundation

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