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Michelle Hughes N.R.R.I., I.M.L., Westport, Co. Mayo.

I am based in Westport combining energy work, mindfulness and reflexology in my therapy practice. I find EFT is

my most effective method as it combines physical tapping with expressing feelings and emotions. It was after my daughter was born that I strained muscles in my stomach doing too much, and ended up in so much pain I could barely move. A local builder recommended ‘an energy healer’ who had worked wonders on his back pain. He said:

‘I don’t know what she does, and I don’t care because it works!’  I had a powerful healing experience,going from intense pain to free movement. I started by exploring Bio energy healing and went on to qualify as a Reiki and Seichim Master. I also became interested in the healing power of the body and trained in reflexology and African reflexology. This led me to discover EFT and Donna Eden energy medicine.

The discovery of the integrated nature of all energy and the power of the body to heal itself has aligned with my other work as a guide and trainer on the mountains. I have become more knowledgeable about the healing energies of the natural elements. These were revered by ancient peoples and many traces of their religions remain in the sacred sites of Ireland. These range from hidden ancient wells of spring water on the Burren landscape, to the huge burial sites of Newgrange and Tara. I am currently developing Sacred Site Tours:'Soul Journeys', to combine visits to sacred sites with energy healing work. I will be bringing my two passions in life together- the outdoors and energy medicine.

Training and Qualifications:

International Mountain Leader: I.M.L: Mountaineering Ireland

Mountain Skills Trainer and Assessor: Accredited by Mountaineering Ireland

Environmental studies: Post Graduate Diploma – Galway University(N.U.I.G)

Reflexology: Classical and African. N.R.R.I. 

Reiki Master- Seichim Master

Train the Trainers – FAS

Pro-EFT Master (N.A.E.H. Certified By California Board of Nursing)

Progressive EFT - Practitioners Intensive

Pro-EFT & Meridian Tapping Techniques Practitioner N.A.H.

Eden Energy medicine: Year 1 Foundation

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