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EFT finally cleared years of emotional trauma from childhood abuse; EFT Changed my life. (Angie, contd)

"....Emotional Freedom Therapy is bringing changes to me physically, emotionally and it has cleared my view of how my life is supposed to be.
I have engaged in counselling and it did help to a certain level, severe family trauma is always going to hurt or so I thought.
EFT has enabled me to grieve the past conflicts and to let them and the people who hurt me, go. I turned off the swirling tapes in my head "you are worthless and will always be angry, sad”, and I stopped blaming myself when it was my parents who committed horrible cruelty.
Emotional freedom is priceless....nothing had brought me any lasting relief from the emotional pain I experienced. I am now able to let go of both physical and emotional pain, the pain I felt did not respond to painkillers, I walked with back pain nearly all the time.
The EFT practitioner allowed me to explore options of where the physical pain was and how long it had been there. I was able to connect the dots and let go of the pain using the tapping technique, feel the pain, look at the pain leaving my body, challenge my body to release the emotional pain I was holding on to (I think traumatised children no matter how old they become, hold on to pain in all its forms because they have become used to being disconnected, from what are normal levels to what can be pain free. Pain can be an emotional blanket that is difficult to let go.

Letting go gently and lightly are key word for me during EFT sessions.... I felt safe and relaxed, confident I would not be overwhelmed by my memories and emotions as had happened after counselling sessions.
I use the tapping sequence whenever I feel low, sad or have physical pain, then I have a rest as I do feel tired but, some thing has shifted for me. The benefits are felt not only by me. My family and work colleagues comment that I am much more balanced and self assured.
I have other issues to let go, I no longer labour under the mantle of " damaged child" I found real emotional strength in EFT, moving forward is not easy but it is the release from the pain of remaining stuck in past mistakes and denials.

I was a "key that needed a little turning"(Soul Asylum Song) EFT was the key I needed to tap in to my inner healing and resources to write a new script for the life I wanted". Angie's story.

EFT reducing anxiety and P.T.S.D: (Ger Crimmins, contd.)

I suffer  with C.O.P.D., anxiety and P.T.S.D. I was at a very low period in my life after Xmas and was feeling depressed. I had seen the transformation EFT had on a friend, so I asked Michelle Hughes to take me on as a patient.   

The sessions were easy as I was reluctant to re-enter counselling. I actually looked forward to them as each session I got rid of more of my problems. I started to think and approach life in a positive way.

I couldn't believe how quick and effective EFT was. I had 8 sessions in all, some on Skype and face to face.

I've had a lot of counselling over the past 20 years and I wish I'd know about EFT; it would have saved me a lot of time and money.

I found learning to use EFT was really simple and effective, instant results for 5 mins effort in the morning. It's an invaluable tool, when I get overwhelmed by my health problems. It has practically eliminated by P.T.S.D., and my anxiety has reduced by 80%.

I can't recommend Michelle Hughes and her ability to use EFT enough She has helped me regain my confidence and I now lead a happier joyful life despite my health problems. (Ger Crimmins: artist, mentor and advocate)

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