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EFT works on physical and emotional issues. Tapping acupressure points relieves physical pain & stress. This is combined with verbalising thoughts/emotions.

The process of EFT tapping reduces symptoms, physical and psychological, by this synthesis.


Stress and Anxiety: Reduce the physical sensations; worried thoughts:

 "I was so anxious I couldn't enjoy a family walk, seeing disaster everywhere, I'm living more in the day now." Maria.

Release trauma, including childhood abuse and neglect:

 "I had lots of counselling, "to get over it", but I never knew I could let it go fully until EFT."  Angie.

pic child tapping.png

Relieve physical pain naturally:

Which shoulder was it in?  I forget."  Harry.

Cravings, Weight & Cigarettes issues:

See Veronica on the RTE Afternoon Show, quit smoking easily!

Diets don't work! Learn to tap away cravings and clear your emotional triggers.


Learn to tap for sleep, and to soothe children of all ages:

Reduce school refusal, bullying and anxiety safely and easily.

Relationships: Release old frustrations, live in the present:

Using EFT for happier relationships;colleagues, family, partners, and to reduce negative self-talk…You will see the difference; start to support yourself the way you support others!

 “I’m just not giving out to myself; more relaxed when things go wrong”  young mum.

Performance and Exams:

"Sick at the thoughts of the test, I tapped and passed no problem." John


Attracting the life you want (Law of Attraction with EFT)

Balance life, time, success, love, abundance, with the simplicity of EFT and tap into the power of the Law of Attraction

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