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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video

Michelle and Norah take clients on an individual basis.

Do you need to...

Resolve traumatic emotions and memories
Lose weight
Have more energy
Stop cravings
Alleviate chronic pain or migraines
Stop smoking
Release and then deal with stress and anxiety
Deal with grief
Frustration and trauma
Lose exam nerves or fear of flying
Change limiting beliefs
Private sessions last 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours
Cost: 1 session for €65 or 4 for €220

Michelle practices near Galway or throughout Ireland by phone and skype.
Michelle's private practice is based in near Kinvara, outside Galway and one day per week in Galway City.
Michelle charges per session €65
To email Michelle click michelle@getresults.ie or call/text 087 9055303

Norah practices in Dublin..
Norahs private practice is located in Sandymount, Dublin 4.
Norah charges per session €65
To email Norah click norah@getresults.ie or call/text 086 8294842
EFT is a painless, efficient, and effective way to release all the negative emotions that prevent us from living our life to our true potential.


Is EFT for me? If you are wondering if EFT is for you why not pick up the phone. Norah or Michelle would be delighted to answer your queries.