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Reading Recovery

I can help you read with ease


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Is your child having trouble with reading/under pressure with his/her class reader? Are they getting worried about spellings and becoming a "reluctant reader"?

Or do you know an adult who never quite "clicked" with reading and would you like to make it feel easier?

In as little as three sessions I will help a reluctant reader identify where they have got stuck and design an individual plan to increase confidence and develop their own system for tackling sounds, words, sentences and text.
Reading is like learning to drive; you have to do several things simultaneously. When one of the skills is not flowing it holds up the whole process and everything stalls!
It can be very discouraging for a person to feel they can't read as well as others or that they are falling behind. This experience can have lifelong  effects and lead to a lack of confidence and  a feeling of exclusion.
The happy faces and new confidence  of people of all ages when they "crack the code" is what keeps me loving my work.
Call me to book your first Reading Recovery session now or for a phone consultation to discuss your needs.

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