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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video


Reiki (a Japanese word meaning Universal life energy) is an ancient and profoundly simple system of 'laying on of hands', which gently brings you towards health of mind, body and spirit.  It works by harmonising the mind and the emotions, while promoting healing in the physical, mental and spiritual body.  Reiki is primarily perceived as a practice for healing the body but it is also a gentle method for healing the mind and spirit.

Reiki healing can:

  • Release emotional blockages
  • Release stress and create deep relaxation
  • Strengthen our intuition and clarity
  • Support the body's natural ability to heal itself
  • Be used in conjuunction with standard medical procedures

Reiki has proved to be of great benefit for a wide range of medical conditions and may be used in conjunction with other forms of complementary healing.

To experience Reiki you may have a Reiki treatment or learn how to channel the energy for yourself.

The wonderful thing about Reiki is its simplicity.  Everyone may learn to channel the energy as we all have the power to heal ourselves an others: simply attend the first level of Reiki 'degrees' which normally takes place over a weekend with a follow up evening.  The sequence of levels is outlined below:

Reiki level one is the first degree where you learn to heal yourself, family and friends.

Reiki level two is the second level for those who would like to send distant healing and become a practitioner.

Master level is to allow the practitioner to have a greater impact in his/her life, to have increased healing ability and to initiate other people into Reiki.

For more information contact Michelle or Norah or see www.reikifederationireland.com