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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video

With EFT you can work on the following issues:

  • Quit Smoking: Feel like a non smoker easily. See Veronica on RTE`s afternoon show.
  • Weight issues: Diets don't work! Learn to tap away cravings and clear your emotional triggers.
  • Children issues: Tap for sleep and to relax and soothe kids of all ages.
  • Stress, anxiety , insomnia. "I was so anxious I couldn't enjoy a family walk, seeing disaster everywhere."
  • Pain: "Which shoulder was it in? I forget." Relieve pain naturally.
  • Trauma: "I had lots of counselling, "to get over it", but I never knew I could let it go fully until EFT."
  • Phobias: "I didn't think it would work but I'm flying regularly now, not a bother!"
  • Addiction Recovery:Tapping is a powerful aid in letting go of the fears and emotions around addiction recovery.  "I choose to be more positive each day.  If things go wrong I tap or talk positively to myself."
  • Interview/exam/driving test nerves. "Sick at the thoughts of the test, I tapped and passed no problem."