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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video

These are the tapping points that Norah and Michelle use.

Note there are two locations which may be new to you, the liver and wrist points, The liver point is mighty to tap when angry or frustrated.
When tapping you can use one hand or both hands, and tap gently with one or two fingers, 6 to 7 tim

es on each location.

A simple version of the basic recipe is.....
The set up repeated three times while tapping on the Karate point and then the tapping on the meridan points (see diagram on left)

For example
Even though I have this ........(your issue.)... I deeply and completely accept myself X 3
Then tap all the locations below while repeating your issue e.g this lower back pain etc....
  • Eye brow
  • Side of eye
  • Under eye
  • Under nose
  • Collar bone
  • Under ar m
  • Liver point Wrist
  • Top of head

This of course is a very simplified version to get you started on basic, simple issues. EFT is very simple to do. Gary Crag offers his manual freely on his web site emofree.com. However EFT does get to major issues quickly and always be aware that to tackle large issues such as trauma, addictions and more with EFT, you do need the help of a trained EFT therapist.