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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video

Introduction Talks and Demonstrations

We are delighted to give an introduction talk and demonstration.


It is difficult to explain how tapping can help with so many and varied issues, from weight loss to pain, anxiety and more. Therefore if you are interested, we are happy to visit your company, friends, family, clubs, school or other. To avail of this offer a minimum number of 4 is required.

So far we have given demonstrations on:

EFT tapping demonstration
  • Weight loss
  • Been interviewed on Dublin City FM Radio
  • Been a guest speaker at a network meeting for the Galway Group of Reflexologists
  • Been a guest speaker for active retirements groups and support groups for various issues

...so why not give it a go and find out more?

Contact us:

  • michelle@getresults.ie or phone: 087 905 5303 if in Galway and West and
  • norah@getresults.ie or phone: 086 929 4842 if in Dublin or the East.

We would be very happy to discuss your needs!