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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video

EFT tapping works also for children

EFT works with all the family. Below are some very different issues working with children which we experienced within our practice.

Children EFT tapping

High anxiety
"I think I would have had a nervous breakdown by now if it wasn’t for tapping. It has really helped with my anxiety. I feel like I have some control and I don’t get totally wiped out by my feelings." Mick, age 12.

EFT and childbirthand, feeling overwhelmed and a wonderfully positive experience
"I was first introduced to EFT when I was pregnant with my second child. I had had quite a traumatic birth with my first baby, so I was very apprehensive about the birth, and the EFT techniques really helped me to face up to the fears that I had in a straightforward way. I had a lot of fears around issues like control and losing control, as well as anger and guilt about other things, to name but a few! What I really liked about EFT was that it was so simple, and I stopped feeling overwhelmed by everything. I couldn't believe how quickly it made me feel in control and empowered and that was very important to me coming up to the birth because I had a lot of insecurities around my own capabilities - when I finally did go into labour, I kept coming back to one of the phrases that had come up in the sessions, and it just made the whole labour flow more easily, I had a wonderfully positive experience second time around. I found that it also really helped in the weeks after the birth, and basically any time I get stressed out because the tapping really helps me to slow down and focus on the bigger picture." Sinead, Cork.

EFT for my three year old
"I was attending Michelle for EFT sessions to deal with issues I had myself when I happened to mention that my youngest child, three year old Lisa, was having a lot of difficulty giving up the bottle. With the arrival of 3 baby cousins within the family she insisted that she was still a baby and clung to her bottle and drank from it constantly. I bought numerous beakers with pretty designs and shapes but she would take a sip and insist that I would transfer the drink into her bottle. When I told Michelle about the issue she did some 'surrogate tapping' i.e. she tapped for Lisa about the issue. She tapped for about 5 min and then we carried on tapping about my issues.
The next morning my husband gave Lisa her usual morning bottle of milk, which she took gladly. The next time she asked for a bottle I decided to try a beaker and without blinking an eye she took the beaker and drank it down. She has not had another bottle since. I know she is 3 and it’s well time for her to give up the bottle but try as I might I couldn’t persuade her to drink from a beaker. She would go all day without a drink if I refused to put it in her bottle. But thanks to 5 min of EFT without the child even being present, she has not refused a beaker since. I don’t know of any other method that would persuade a very willfull and determined 3 year old child to do something against their will without one word of protest. Thanks Michelle and EFT!" Theresa, Galway

EFT and a maths issue
"I hate maths, is all I got for three years. My son who found everything else easy discovered that maths just did not flow like all the other subjects. This and maybe impatience with himself and his teacher really turned him off. Even doing his tables was a switch to send him into a negative spiral. The more I tried, the more he resisted. His results were always fairly poor. Having learned EFT and seeing it work I tried to show him, he said it looked "stupid" and resisted strongly at first, then I just asked him to tap while he said his tables, nothing more, no set up statement, just tap. This he agreeded to. He seemed to learn them faster and even better, retain them. This was the start of it. I try to get him to tap when he is having difficulty or frustrated with maths. Even though maths is still not his favourite subject he does not seem to hate it as much. His school gives the Drumcondra tests and his results have imporved from from 27% to 59%. It does seem hard to believe. I know he does not understand or maybe believe but he taps every now and again. However one evening as he was training he got a cramp, started to tap and the cramp went very quickly. He came home and said you, know mum I do think the tapping thing works. Thanks!" Amanda.

If you would like to see further information Take a look at some of the Case Histories on Gary Craig’s (the founding father of EFT) website. You can also download the EFT manual for free, to help you get started. The website is full of amazing success stories from all over the world.