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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video

Tapping and addiction recovery

Tapping is a poweful aid in letting go of the fears and emotions around addiction recovery.  Here are some quotes from a client in recovery after 5 sessions of EFT, Tapping.

What was the first effect of EFT on your feelings/emotions?
"Opening up I felt the ground would swallow me up, full of fear, but I had reached a point where I felt I had to talk openly or I might go back using.  I felt connected and not judged talking to Norah".

What changes did you notice in your daily life?
"I am coping with bills day to day.  My old fear of talking is going away.  I am giving hope to others in work".

Key moments that helped you know you were feeling stronger?
"I choose to be more positive each day.  If things go wrong I tap or talk positively to myself"

Are you seeing links between past and present?
"I cut the ties to my past, realised other peoples past behaviour is nothing to do with me.  I am letting go old thoughts and habits one day at a time.  I think of it like an old movie, all the old fears and habits.  I imagine I am throwing it all in the river with a big Splash!"

Any changes in self esteem, new thoughts or behaviours?
"Coming here and talking about it to you, I started to let go all the pressure and weight.  What years I have left I've decided to enjoy in peace and be there for my family"