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A Year With EFT
"A Year With EFT" video

Michelle Hughes N.R.R.I. I.M.L.
I am  based in Westport combining energy work, reflexology and massage.

EFT tapping is now my primary tool for healing, however many of my clients request a combination of EFT with reflexology or reiki.

Why do I use/like EFT so much?

I have seen it work! It gives people a tool to work with themselves. From physical pain to traumatic emotional issues, the results are incredible. It is simple to learn, easy to use and all can learn: the fit, the disabled, special needs, young and old. That I do find incredible. More >>

Norah Sweetman M.A.
My 25 years  experience in the community working with all kinds of family and social  issues  informs  my work with  clients. I use many different methods in my work with clients of all ages and backgrounds.

EFT helps people to let go trauma completely, as one client says:

Let it go lightly, once was enough. No need to relive it - I don't have to go back there."

I am currently giving EFT workshops and working with private clients. Every day brings new challenges and I continue to be amazed and delighted by the way EFT works for all kinds of people, with all kinds of problems.  More >>